The Fashion Store for Men's & Women's | RI&JA Clothing

The Fashion Store For Men's & Women's | RI&JA Clothing

We are the RI&JA Clothing brand, but you can also call us RIJAC. We like the name RIJAC so much and are so attached to it because it is a rare surname (or a rare last name, if you will) that is used by less than 150 people in the entire world, which consists of over 7 Billion people.

At RIJAC, you will find an abundance of both men's & women's clothing apparel. Currently, for men's wear, we have stocked three types of t-shirts including round neck, v neck t-shirts & polo collar t-shirt. If you are a hoodie person, then we also stock some well-designed men's hoodies as well.

For women's stylish apparel, RIJAC offers highly fashionable round neck T-shirts, crop tops, tank tops, and even ever-popular hoodies. Many companies sell hoodies as unisex items, but at RIJAC, we specially make hoodies that are for women.

Wondering what our USP is?

Well, Our USP lies in its Premium Quality Clothing apparel. We are proud of what we sell, and customer satisfaction is our ultimate motto. To become closer to our motto, we also sell perfectly fitted clothes that our customers simply fall in love with.

Here are the current offers trending on RIJAC that you can take full advantage of:

We are always looking to keep our customers happy. So from time and again, we come up with excellent offers that our customers can’t resist. 

We also have a variety of offers such as: 

  • Deal #1 order above 1000 & get flat Rs. 100 off, by using the following code: 100OFF.

  • Deal #2 order above 2000 & get flat Rs. 200 off, by using the following code: 200OFF.

  • Deal #3 order above 3000 & get flat Rs. 500 off, offer auto-applied during checkout.

If you think RIJAC is just Indian, you are wrong. Our brand is famous across many countries. And of the most popular countries that we ship out items to include USA or Australia. We are also open to shipping our products across the globe. However, RIJAC is completely DESI at heart. That is the reason why we are committed to making our products in INDIA, but having said that, we certainly don’t shy away from serving society globally. 


While we are just starting out, there are many more plans we have for the future. By no means do we intend to limit our apparel to just Men plain t-shirts, V-neck t-shirts, and Polo t-shirts. So, right in the near future, the RIJAC team will start adding many new things to the website.

Excited customers can look forward to an array of options ranging in kids’ collections as well. For men's wear, our plan is to add stylish shirts, pants, trousers, boxers, pajamas, undergarments, made out of 100% comfortable material (after all, we are super serious about your UPSs).

We have also big plans for displaying outstanding gym t-shirts and many other things. 

For women’s wear, the RIJAC team is equally committed to enhancing their varieties. Our plans are to bring in a lot of varieties, in many different colours and designs, so that our ladies have all the options in the world to pick their perfect outfit.

How you can reach out to us

If you want to contact us for anything, all you need to do is drop us an email at and someone from the team will quickly get in touch with you to resolve your queries. The maximum time you would have to wait on us to connect with you is 48 hrs. But as you already know, we hate to keep our customers waiting, so we try out best to reply to your queries or concerns within the next 30 mins as per our average response time.

RIJAC also offers hassle-free and customer-friendly return policy

We have 7 days Easy Returns & replacement policy. We also offer the much-demanded next-day delivery option in all the metro cities in India. For other parts of the country, our average delivery time typically falls under 2-3 working days. If you want us to ship our products outside India, then the average delivery time ranges between 10 to 12 working days.

We care for the environment as much as you do

To top our brand with a cherry, we are pleased to announce that all our packing materials and products are 99.99% recyclable. At RIJAC, we know what’s best for society and nature. We’d also like to add that all our products can be used by any age group of people. 


Thank you for your order, your order made our day! We hope we make yours. By purchasing from our store, you are supporting a small business. That means a real person did a happy dance when you made your purchase. We appreciate your business. We’d love to hear your thoughts or see pictures of how well our outfits fit you.  If you are looking for ladies handbags for your girls visit our website on