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Introducing Stylish Vegan Leather Handbags in a Variety of Shades

Stylish Vegan Leather Handbags

Handbags are a great way to add aesthetics to your complete outfit. The best part about handbags is that they can be added to any outfit; they look stylish and perfect for everyday use. If you are fond of leather handbags, we have an option for you - a more ethical and environmental choice.

How do you like the idea of a vegan leather bag? A bag manufactured without harming animals is an idea that we, as a brand, came up with. Something that would not only add authenticity to your personality but also work as a positive step towards nature. With a wide range of collections, you can check out our handbags online sale.

From bold shades to neutral colours, the handbags come in different styles to add to your collection or buy for an occasion. A style that suits your personality adds to fashion and elegance and soothes your personality. This blog explores the different shades and styles of the vegan leather handbag that you can add to your collection.

Here are the ten leather bags for your collection-

1. Mahogany Maven Handbag:

If you like dark shades, this deep mahogany is the right option—an accessory for adding a definition touch to the outfit. A perfect choice for traditional and modern outfits, whether you are opting for the bag for daily purposes or occasional, the handbag is a classic choice for you. The handbag has enough compartments for you to carry all your essentials.

2. Lilac Whisper Shoulder Handbag:

Do you want to embrace the softer shades? If yes, this Lilac shoulder bags for women is a must-have for you. The shade is a dreamy choice for those who find light shades soothing to their mind and personality as well. The delicacy of the lilac shade brings a sense of femininity and grace to your complete outfit, making it an ideal accessory for spring and summer outfits.

3. Versa Carry Handbag:

Do you want to go stylish and classy with your choice of handbags? The versa carry handbag is a stylish cross handbag, a design for the modern outfit that you are choosing to wear at a party or something that you want to carry just for style to your workplace. With the finer choice of designs in this carry bag and a neutral shade to complement your looks completing your outfit perfectly, a go-to option for everyday elegance.

4. Rich Espresso Shoulder Bag:

The name itself adds to the richness of the shade and style of the handbag. An added luxury to your outfit along with the rich tone of espresso gives out a sense of warmth and sophistication. A shoulder bag is a statement piece that one must have in their wardrobe collection of handbags and a shade that goes well with each of your outfits, something that you can use on an everyday basis, a perfect carryall for you.

5. Black Handbag:

Has black ever failed you as a shade of class and elegance? Black is a choice for all women because it is a representation of their personality, whether you are someone who is towards the bold side of the wardrobe or someone who needs their outfits and their accessories easygoing. A black handbag for women will always be on top of the list. A sleek and all-time option effortlessly adds to the outfit, making you look effortless and chic.

6. Maroon Handbag:

Maroon is a shade that has a deep and passionate connection to each woman out there. A shade that will add drama to any outfit, making you the highlight of the occasion. Now, how would you like to add maroon handbags to your collection? The different shades of maroon or styles according to your needs and convenience. An accessory that will make a statement to your outfit.

7. Brown Handbag:

Brown adds a sense of nature to your overall outfit, making you look complete and adding authenticity to your personality. A brown handbag is a classic and looks fine with any type of outfit. A handbag that you can carry every day or something to make you look outstanding for your occasional wear.

8. Cocoa Cavern Handbag: Vegan Handbags

Cocoa as the name suggests is a luscious shade creating an air of elegance for your outfit. The cocoa cavern handbag is an ideal option for those who appreciate the simplicity and something that takes no effort to style. A choice for those looking forward to refined beauty by carrying a vegan handbag is an ethical choice for a sustainable future.

9. Caramel Chic Handbag:

Caramel is a warm shade that you can embrace, adding visibility to your outfit. A sense of casual sophistication makes it a must-have choice for any occasion. A stylish handbag that is not only useful but also a stylish choice for your wardrobe collection of handbags.

10. Silver Harbor Shoulder Bag:

Silver is a shade that you can add to your wardrobe as a party essential. The metallic lining of silver adds a glamorous look to your outfit, whereas the handbag is a standout choice as an accessory for special events or a match to your traditional outfit.


The introduction of stylish vegan leather handbags in a variety of shades offers a compelling option for fashion-conscious individuals seeking ethical and sustainable accessories. The diverse range of colours provides versatility and allows for personal expression, while the use of vegan leather aligns with the growing demand for cruelty-free and eco-friendly products. By introducing the handbags online sale, we aim to prioritise both style and ethical considerations in their fashion choices. Find the perfect handbags from a variety of shades and styles with RIJAC.

by JAIDEEP PRAJAPATI – February 06, 2024


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Love the concept of stylish vegan leather handbags! It’s wonderful to see a brand prioritizing ethical and sustainable fashion choices while offering a diverse range of colors and styles. The versatility and personal expression these handbags provide are truly remarkable. The Mahogany Maven and Versa Carry caught my eye—they’re both chic and functional. Excited to explore more from RIJAC’s collection!

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