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Designed For A Sustainable Future

The fashion industry excels with new trends everyday. The world of fashion is really big but the discovery made by RIJAC is even bigger. Have you ever heard of vegan leather? Vegan leather is a production that sacrifices no animal but gives you the feel of traditional leather. 

How did the brand RIJAC come into existence? The shocking statistics on the number of animals sacrificed everyday to produce leather made the owner of RIJAC, Jaideep Prajapati realise the harm we are causing the environment in the name of fashion. About 15 animals are killed every second, adding up to the total of 80 crore in India alone. 

A Word From Our Founder

A Word From Our Founder

“With every stitch done on our vegan leather bags, I have a vision where no animals are slaughtered. A handbag adding style to your outfit and sophistication to your personality. A flawless discovery making fashion meet responsibility,” says Jaideep Prajapati.

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A Rich Discovery In The Fashion Industry

The brand was discovered with a commitment. The commitment was to make sure that there are no animals sacrificed in the making of leather and with RIJAC, we did the impossible. The environmental harm caused by the production of traditional leather is also alarming.

To put an end to the environmental harm, we decided to use the waste materials of bananas and produce our own vegan leather, which is 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly whereas does not harm any animal in the process of making.

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Designed For Modern Women

Designed For Modern Women

The modern women need modern designs and styles adding authenticity to their personality. The handbags at RIJAC are designed for modern women. Our handbags are a combination of practicality and fashion. The design of our handbags is made by keeping the needs of a woman in mind. What does a woman generally expect from a handbag? That it should be spacious, stylish, and adds personality to your outfit.

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The Vision To Change The World of Fashion

Our vision was to make sure no animals are sacrificed to produce leather. A total of 220 crore animals are killed globally to produce leather by different brands. The vision was clear when RIJAC was started and the mission was to make sure everybody knows about the RIJAC. The best around the country in terms of fashion and environment as well.

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The Mission We Are On

The reality of producing leather is not only shocking but is also hurtful in many ways. The number of innocent animals sacrificed and the damage caused to the environment is something to think about in depth. At RIJAC, we have an understanding that sacrificing animals is not fashion which is why we produced vegan leather handbags. 

Our mission was to increase the popularity of our vegan leather products, so that more people know about our brand and how beneficial our products are to the environment. The founder of the brand had a keen eye for fashion and made sure that we are able to deliver what we promised our customers. 

Rijac's Founder Reveals Leather's Dark Side

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