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A Word From Our Founder

A Word From Our Founder

“With every stitch done on our vegan leather bags, I have a vision where no animals are slaughtered. A handbag adding style to your outfit and sophistication to your personality. A flawless discovery making fashion meet responsibility,” says Jaideep Prajapati.

A Rich Discovery In The Fashion Industry

The brand was discovered with a commitment. The commitment was to make sure that there are no animals sacrificed in the making of leather and with RIJAC, we did the impossible. The environmental harm caused by the production of traditional leather is also alarming.

To put an end to the environmental harm, we decided to use the waste materials of bananas and produce our own vegan leather, which is 100% sustainable and environmentally friendly whereas does not harm any animal in the process of making.

The Birth of RIJAC: A Response to a Global Crisis

Jaideep's remarkable journey is a testament to resilience and adaptability. Driven by alarming reports, including UN statistics revealing the sacrifice of 220 animals annually for leather production, Jaideep was motivated to instigate change. Shockingly, in India alone, 80 crore animals were being slaughtered in the name of fashion—a staggering figure that translates to approximately 15 animals per second for the leather industry, with an astonishing 20% of leather ending up as waste.Did you know that producing just one square meter of leather emits around 110 kilograms of CO2 equivalent? This is equivalent to driving an average car for about 160 kilometers. These eye-opening facts fueled Jaideep's determination and inspired him to establish RIJAC in May 2021—a brand that not only embodies style but also champions ethical responsibility.

In his own words: "In every stitch, curve, and texture of our vegan leather bags I envision a world where elegance meets responsibility." This vision forms the foundation upon which RIJAC was built—an ethos where elegance seamlessly intertwines with responsibility.

RIJAC has achieved significant milestones since its inception—raising funding from friends and family in November 2022 and launching its first product—the RIJAC SILENT STORM SHOULDER BAG—in August October2013 soldto Keduonguzhii Solo . Each step represents a commitment to ethical fashion—from establishing the brand itself through fundraising efforts right up until introducing products that embody this ethos.

Jaideep's journey encapsulates more than just business growth; it symbolizes bringing forth a vision for a more responsible yet stylish future—one where ethics play an integral role alongside fashion.

Rijac's Founder Reveals Leather's Dark Side

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